Indy Racial Equity Pledge

CNO Financial Group, Inc.

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At CNO, our purpose is to secure the future of middle-income America. We embrace diversity, actively pursue equity, and foster an inclusive environment. CNO pledges to use our voice to condemn injustice and violence, and use our platform to stand against systemic racism, bias and discrimination. Diversity, equity and inclusion is one of our corporate values. We remain committed to standing up for these principles to positively impact our company and the communities where we live and work.


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Education and Awareness

Focus Area: Workplace

We pledge to continuously engage our workforce with education to raise awareness on the social, racial, and systemic challenges that impact our associates and communities of color. Through a commitment to education and awareness, we aim to create a diverse, welcoming and inclusive culture for all associates, partners and agents.


Beginning in 2018 - All associates receive unconscious bias and anti-harassment education.

2020 - CNO’s DE&I program included four associate-led Business Resource Groups (BRGs) S.O.U.L., Women’s, Veteran’s and PRISM, that provided additional leadership and assistance with educational speaker sessions and Safe Place dialogues on important topics, including systemic racism, white privilege, Juneteenth, the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, LGBTQ 101, National Coming Out Day, and Veterans support services.

July 2020 - CNO expanded its Paid Time Off (PTO) program for all associates to include additional DE&I education hours (associates received an additional 16 hours of PTO to attend DE&I education events).

July 2020 - CNO expanded our support program for LGBTQ associates with policies to support associates during gender transitions and offered partner benefits coverage.


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Associate Development

Focus Area: Workplace

We commit to expand our leadership development and mentorship programs for all CNO associates, focusing on people of color and women associates. Diversity, equity and inclusion makes us a stronger, better company, and diverse teams of people power top performing cultures. By investing in development and leadership, we will build a more connected, cohesive workforce and expand our internal talent pipeline.


Beginning in 2018 - The African American/Black BRG and Women’s BRGs launched mentoring programs and matched more than 100 mentor and mentee relationships in order to provide career guidance, coaching and networking opportunities within CNO.

Our African American/Black BRG established an Executive Leadership Group (ELG) Roundtable series where members of the executive leadership team meet with associates in a small group setting to exchange information about their work experiences and careers, and to offer career guidance, coaching and networking opportunities within CNO.

2020 - In 2020, our BRGs held career development workshops focused on career planning, career ownership and a resume creation/building in order to assist associates to better position themselves for growth and new opportunities in their careers.


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Recruitment and Selection

Focus Areas: Workplace

CNO commits to improvinge diverse representation at all levels of our organization by broadening our candidate pool selection processes. We will expand partnerships with targeted colleges and universities, minority-focused professional organizations, and other professional networks. Diverse teams draw on a broader set of ideas and experiences that represent the customers and communities we serve. Diversity improves all parts of our business .


Leveraged a new recruitment process in order to source and help attract the qualified and diverse talent.

July 2020 - CNO’s Actuarial department expanded recruitment efforts for potential actuarial intern candidates by partnering with diverse organizations and non-traditional schools in support of CNO’s and industry efforts to increasing diversity in the actuarial profession.

September 2020 - CNO’s continued to expand its recruiting efforts company-wide for the 2021 intern class by increasing social media presence and attending career fairs at non-traditional universities. As a result, the most diverse class of interns were recruited since the program was introduced.

Join us in the important work of creating racial equity in Central Indiana.

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