Indy Racial Equity Pledge


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At Cummins, we have a long history of advocating for social justice. We always stand for our values and doing the right thing- privately or publicly. We recognize that if we are going to advance as a company and a community, WE must be the force for change. And so, Cummins will continue to demand racial justice and to drive the change in our communities so that all people may advance and achieve.


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We will ensure the inclusion of Black people and other people of color at all levels of our organization.

Focus Areas: Workplace, Prosperity

Cummins will commit to increasing representation of Black people in every level of our company. We foster courageous conversations about race and unconscious bias and will work to improve managers’ understanding and competency in leading these conversations. We have fast-tracked a targeted health and wellness strategy addressing chronic illnesses faced by Black employees, including broadening access to health care.


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We will engage with criminal justice and law enforcement agencies.

Focus Areas: Criminal Justice

Cummins will advocate for efforts to improve engagement between law enforcement and all members of the community, especially our Black community. We will support initiatives that enhance accountability structures, review use-of-force policies, and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion in police forces around the country.


Cummins leaders have joined with the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee (“GIPC”) and our legal staff have already given over 150 pro bono hours conducting research on police reform, identifying best practices, and advocating for legislative and policy reforms in Indianapolis.


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We will support Black-led community organizations.

Focus Areas: Prosperity, Education, Criminal Justice

We will support Black-led community groups, civil liberties organizations, non-profit groups, and minority-owned businesses. We will support their work, both financially and with skills from within our company.


Along with the Lilly Foundation, the Cummins Foundation commits to grant the Indianapolis Urban League $250,000 to establish an Entrepreneurship Center to provide impactful programming and support to African American entrepreneurs in Indianapolis.

Join us in the important work of creating racial equity in Central Indiana.

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