Indy Racial Equity Pledge

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PSE stands for justice and equality. We affirm the value and dignity of the life of every person of color. We will be guided by our commitment to equity and responsibility to all marginalized communities to use the power of our organization to find meaningful, measurable solutions to eradicate racism and injustice. Through collective action we will listen, learn, grow, lead, and invest in civic engagement to create a positive sustainable effect on Black lives and marginalized communities. Our Priority Areas Enhance the Way We Invest Accelerate the Way We Grow Strengthen the Way We Listen Amplify the Way We Lead Our Pledge As part of the Indy Racial Equity Pledge, PS&E is committed to the following objectives that strengthen our community and help us maximize positive impact on the most vulnerable Indianapolis families.


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Investing to Make the Most Equitable Impact

A majority of all our philanthropic dollars spent every year by PS&E will fund solutions to racial equity and social justice issues.


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Supplier Diversity Benefits Everyone

We will create a nationally-recognized supplier diversity program that promotes inclusive economic growth, powers local minority-owned businesses, and ensures equitable investment in our communities.


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A Social Justice Agenda

We will adopt a social justice agenda that focuses energy and resources into
1. Bridging the consistent education gap
2. Inspiring our youth through mentorship
3. Addressing neighborhood food deserts
4. Improving relationships and communication between law enforcement and our local communities
5. Supporting Black and minority-owned businesses.

Join us in the important work of creating racial equity in Central Indiana.

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