Indy Racial Equity Pledge

Renewing Management

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The mission of Renewing Management is to restore hope by transforming communities across Indiana. We see business as a platform to activate and support the beauty and gifts of people – abilities that are already present in the communities we operate. We commit time and resources to building bridges and advancing racial equity for our employees, residents, and community.


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Renewing Management is committed to employing 10% of its workforce with previously incarcerated individuals.

Focus Areas: Prosperity, Criminal Justice, Education

It is recognized that incarceration rates are disproportionately high for African Americans in Central Indiana. Renewing Management will continue to invest in building bridges to restore hope for those who have been previously incarcerated and their families.


Employment - 10% of employees have felony convictions. In addition to employment, they are provided hands, heart and head training weekly.

Housing - Re-Entry team members are invited to live at our complexes with employee discount, and in 2020 an application appeal program was created to provide an opportunity for those who would have been previously denied to obtain housing.


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Renewing Management is committed to cultivating a culture where all employees are treated respectfully, equitably, and able to thrive.

Focus Areas: Education

Renewing Management will continuously work to create a culture and environment in which employees, regardless of race, will be treated respectfully, equitably, and able to thrive. This will start at the corporate level with both policies and diversity, equity, and inclusion training.


Starting in 2021, Juneteenth is a company holiday. As now stated in the employee handbook, this will be a day of mourning that slavery existed in this nation.

The entire corporate team will go through diversity, equity and Inclusion training in 2021.


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Renewing Management is committed to creating equitable, resident-centered policies and programs within its apartment communities.

Focus Areas: Prosperity, Education

The residents of multifamily housing, many of whom are Black, have not historically always been treated with dignity and are more likely to experience housing instability whether it be due to high late fees or eviction. We hope to take a proactive approach by investing in rent payment tools to help residents remain in their homes, community building activities, and financial literacy education.


Financial Tools - Renewing Management has signed a contract with Flex that will allow residents to split up their monthly rent into smaller payments and dates that work for them. This is expected to reduce late fees, the use of check cashing services, and ultimately, evictions. The contract with Flex is being paid by Renewing Management.

Relationships - In 2020, a full-time Community Ambassador position was created at Chapel Hill Apartments with the goal of serving as a liaison between residents and management, co-creating resident-focused programming, and enhancing the community together. A part-time Youth Ambassador has been added at Private Reserve Luxury Townhomes.


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Renewing Management is committed to supporting racial equity in the development of single and multi family housing.

Focus Areas: Education, Prosperity

Renewing Management will lead an initiative in which experienced real estate developers and investors are brought alongside Black/Brown individuals within Central Indiana that are interested in developing real estate for single or multi-family housing. This collaboration will allow for the sharing of knowledge and social connections as well investment partnerships. The goal is to create more racial equity in the development of single and multi family housing.


A monthly entrepreneurial roundtable is being organized and hosted by Renewing Management. We will connect equity capital and lenders with those who would like to begin in real estate investment. The members of our group will have wholesale pricing available to modular homes produced by our sister company Volumod.


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Renewing Management is committed to improving the relationship between law enforcement and the community.

Focus Areas: Criminal Justice

Renewing Management will continue to work to break down the walls that divide our community. As a first step, an ice cream truck is being acquired for the IMPD to use for community engagement. This approach has been used in other communities outside of Indiana.


An ice cream truck will be purchased in 2020.

Join us in the important work of creating racial equity in Central Indiana.

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