Indy Racial Equity Pledge


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Salesforce stands with the Black community against racism, oppression, violence, and hate — and for justice and equality. We believe business can be a powerful platform for change and recognize our urgent responsibility to invest time, funding, and resources in both our communities and in our workplaces. That is why we assembled a Racial Equality and Justice Task Force to take action in four areas: People, Philanthropy, Purchasing, and Policy.


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Increase Spending with Black Owned Companies

Focus Area: Prosperity

We will spend $100 million with Black-owned businesses over the next three years and commit to a 25% year-over-year growth in spend with minority-owned businesses. We will review our supplier onboarding process to mitigate any bias and provide better payment terms for Black-owned and minority-owned businesses where appropriate.


You can learn more about efforts to increase spending here.


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$200m and 1 million Volunteer Hours in our Communities

Focus Areas: Education

Over the next five years, we will invest a total of $200 million and 1 million volunteer hours globally with organizations working to advance racial equality and justice at the global, national, and local level. Nearly half of the funds will support public education and close the achievement gap for Black and underrepresented minority students.


You can learn more about our philanthropic efforts here.


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Advocate for the Black Community

Focus Areas: Criminal Justice

We’re advocating for meaningful police reform, civic engagement and protection of voting rights, and for economic empowerment policies that address the equity gap. We’re working to advance laws and regulations that protect against racism and discrimination.


August/September 2020 – Publicly supported California AB 1196 which bans carotid restraints and chokeholds and AB 1506 which will provide independent, accountable, and transparent oversight of police use of deadly force. Both were signed by Governor Newsom in September.

September/October 2020 – Publicly supported Indianapolis City-County Council Prop. 237 which adds increased civilian oversight of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

You can learn more about policy advocacy here.

Join us in the important work of creating racial equity in Central Indiana.

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