Indy Racial Equity Pledge

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

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The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (TCM) values all people. TCM commits to creating a long-term Diverse, Equitable, Accessible, and Inclusive (DEAI) culture to help build the community we aspire to live in. The Museum is also committed to serving as a safe, welcoming, and engaging community resource, to working for justice and human rights, and doing its part to improve DEAI within its community, including a commitment to educate children and families about anti-racism. TCM is proud of the progress it has made. However, the Museum must do more!


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Create a more racially diverse workplace and foster a culture that values, respects, and celebrates the differences of each individual.

Focus Area: Workplace, Prosperity

The Museum pledges to strengthen our efforts to source and hire diverse staff, volunteer, and intern candidates at all levels of the organization and increase racial diversity among our staff and volunteer groups. We have set the expectation that every staff member and volunteer will engage in on-going education about the value of diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion and the role we each must play to advance these values at the Museum.


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Increase spending with Black-, women-, and minority-owned businesses.

Focus Areas: Workplace, Prosperity

TCM will expand its work with women- and minority-owned businesses, including Black-owned businesses, with an emphasis on locally owned enterprises. Partners and products that demonstrate a commitment to DEAI will be given priority. Projects over $1M will require diverse spending goals and will be a focus of both the primary contractor and sub-contractor for projects of all sizes. On projects larger than $3M, goal setting for minority- and women-owned businesses will happen in consultation with the primary contractor and diverse business community.


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Provide extraordinary family learning experiences that educate our community about systemic racism.

Focus Areas: Education

As an international leader in the field of family learning, it is incumbent upon The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to do its part to improve DEAI within its ever-expanding community. This includes an ongoing commitment to creating extraordinary family learning experiences that address both historical and current issues of systemic racism and encourage intergenerational conversations about the importance of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion.

To accomplish these initiatives and make lasting change, The Children’s Museum is willing to embrace new ideas, confront our own biases, have authentic conversations, invest resources, and acknowledge it’s okay to feel uncomfortable while doing so.

Join us in the important work of creating racial equity in Central Indiana.

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