Indy Racial Equity Pledge

Well Done Marketing

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We choose to be an antiracist and inclusive company that advances a culture of diversity and equity in our workplace and our lives.


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Well Done will foster a culture of diversity and equity through our recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion practices.

Focus Area: Workplace

Well Done has begun reviewing its hiring process, from where we post open positions to how we onboard new hires. Our goal is to diversify our recruitment efforts and provide opportunities for a more diverse pool of candidates. In order to successfully hire and retain a more diverse staff, we also will begin to codify our incentive and promotion practices to ensure equitable opportunities for professional growth. We also will provide mentoring and paid professional development opportunities as part of our retention efforts.


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Well Done will partner with and outsource more work to Black- and minority-owned businesses, especially those located in Central Indiana.

Focus Areas: Prosperity

Well Done pledges to outsource and partner with more Black-owned agencies, as well as freelance writers, designers, photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals. Our goal is to subcontract at least 15% of our outsourced work to these businesses and individuals annually, beginning in 2021. We also commit to lifting up their work in the marketing industry through referrals and our own marketing platforms.


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Well Done will diversify its list of operational suppliers and vendors.

Focus Areas: Workplace, Prosperity

Well Done will audit its vendor list by the end of 2020 and identify opportunities to hire and contract with minority-, woman-, and veteran-owned businesses. Our goal is to provide a minimum of 15% of our operational and workplace contracts to non-white owned businesses.


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Well Done will intentionally develop, participate in, and facilitate changes in the marketing industry and the community to address racism, diversity, and equity.

Focus Areas: Education

Well Done will work with the local chapters of industry associations and other Indianapolis-based agencies to create opportunities for Black authors, Black panelists, and other diverse points of view. We will commit our industry-specific sponsorship dollars to events that address racism, diversity, and equity. Well Done also commits to ongoing professional development for our team members with a focus on the history of systemic racism in the community and our industry in order to become a more effective antiracist agency.

Join us in the important work of creating racial equity in Central Indiana.

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